Crossed the fucking line

Dnt assume i have friends and am partying every night. Dnt assume i have someone to talk to and make posts about it. I cry in the shower every night when everyone is sleep. But i know your love is easily given to others. Thats why i let it go. post that on your wall huh? Sorry, But do I make assumptions about how your life is going? Do I write stuff about you that i have not confirmed to be true? Do I? :/ ~smh

TWICE i have been threatened to be kicked outta the house! Twice bcuz its so hard to find a job. I got stalked by some guy in a gang. Everyday they treat me like i dnt belong here. But I take it. And i know i’ll get a better job and move out. I wont look back at you. Not now, i cant go through this pain and the pain you have to offer too. 

It doesnt hurt much to move on? I wouldn’t know bcuz i can’t even feel for other guys. They just look like flesh to me. just ther. Of no importance. So yeah tell me how it feels to move on huh?

You dnt know how much i hurt, you never ask!!!! Because i dnt say anything, that means i’m partying? MY OWN BEST FRIEND threatened to kick me out of a house when he knows i have no where to go. The guy who loves me, so easily loves someone else. I can’t get a decent job >< FUCK YOU

I dnt type up SHIT I assume about your life…..

I’m so tired of keeping quiet.

REal talk MISA real fuckin talk. Take that trash down.

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I never underestimate love. When I meet complete jerkbags or horndogs I think “Even this idiot will one day fall in love too. How great is that.”
Love is such an awesome thing.

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can i smile

When everything is bad its hard to be happy. Something makes you smile but then u think “do I have time to be smiling right now?” This sucks the most.

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Sometimes I just hate my very exsistense. Its so stupid all of it. I hate this. So much.

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Daddy’s girls are unattractive?

So this dude told me guys hate daddy’s girls. And that they are unattractive.

I was like “Meh, I’ll live.”

And he was trying to make me give a damn so I told him

"There’s one guy out there that loves me despite the fact that I’m a dady’s girl. Honestly, I have run out of fucks to give about guy’s opinions. "

At this point, the only opinions I care about are those ppl who give a damn about me….so yeah Fuck that loser.

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MEN -__-

the more i know them, the more I hate them XD

I’m no lesbian, but they are pushing me damn close to that fucking line ><

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there are times when the stuff that hurts all seems so clear. Then it’s a bitch to ignore the truth :/ I hate it.

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Last Straw?

Idk I’ve come to the end of my insanity over you. So I’m about to do something that will change the whole way I think of you in relation to my life. As much as you won’t believe it, it’s just something that has to be done. Besides, I dnt think I can really trust anyone again ><

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KpopPreorders: Hey baby doll.

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